About us

Increasing prosperity, quality of life and business activity in Northumberland

Focussing exclusively on regenerating Northumberland

Advance Northumberland is a place shaping, one-stop-shop focused almost exclusively on regenerating Northumberland. We have the people and the skills mix all in one compact, multi-disciplinary team to enable us to deliver some of 
the most visionary and transformational projects. Whether its support for new and developing businesses, the remediation of challenging brownfield sites, building of large scale manufacturing units, delivering new purpose built offices, delivery of major town centre redevelopments, or the delivery of high quality market sale and affordable housing, it can all be found within Advance Northumberland.

What we do

"Advance Northumberland is uniquely positioned to help drive economic prosperity and bring beneficial change for Northumberland. We are driven, focused and aligned to our partners and local communities."

Our Mission

Investing to make Northumberland a great place to live, work and visit.

Our values

Our values reflect our purpose (why we exist), our essence (who we are) and the role we play in Northumberland (what we do). We're always keen to hear your feedback so if you have any queries, compliments or complaints, get in touch.

  • Dedication We're passionate and tenacious about delivering for Northumberland
  • Honesty We always work to the highest standards of integrity and accountability
  • Collaboration In partnership with Northumberland County Council and organisations across the public and private sectors

Annual Reports & Financial Statements

Annual Reports & Financial Statements

Business Plan

Advance Northumberland Business Plan
Modern Slavery Statement 2024

We will Advance Northumberland's economic prosperity, regenerate communities, improve livability and create a more connected and aspirational County

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