Lynefield Park

Lyenfield Park, Ashington, Northumberland occupies a strategic location, in close proximity to the coastal transport corridor comprising the A189 linking to the A1M and A19 dual carriageway which stretches south from the Site past Blyth Cramlington Newcastle, Sunderland and Teesside.

The Site is highly accessible in terms of connections to rail and sea with a rail spur extending into the Site and connecting directly to the Port of Blyth as well as the local branch and national rail networks. Primary vehicular access to the Site is provided via the A197 to the south east, with the A197 wrapping around the perimeter of the Site to the east. To the east of the A197 is the Lynemouth PowerStation.

Proposed masterplan The Site’s proximity to the North Sea provides a gateway to marine related industries and activities. It is located within an area that has an established track record for advanced manufacturing and process technologies.

Size: Site area of 103 hectares (254 acres)

Site owner/partner: Harworth Group