Delivering investment programmes from business inception through to operation

Our successes are based on our total project delivery commitment

Our project management capabilities are a critical component of the company's unique skills mix. The team manages the delivery of the investment and regeneration programmes from business inception through to operation. The development team comprises experienced project managers delivering a complex range of developments within challenging stakeholder environments across commercial, industrial, residential, leisure, health, transport and infrastructure sectors. Our project managers lead and manage the entire process including stakeholder strategy, consenting, development of the brief, technical design, procurement and implementation. Scope, programme, budget and risk form part of a strict project control regime. We troubleshoot, own and solve our own investment and our client’s project needs.

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Shaping Northumberland

Advance Northumberland Developments in numbers

We will Advance Northumberland's economic prosperity, regenerate communities, improve livability and create a more connected and aspirational County

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