East Sleekburn Enterprize Zone

East Sleekburn Enterprise Zone is a 19ha site on the north bank of the Blyth Estuary. It is the site of the former Blyth A + B Power Stations and incorporates the Ash Barge Dock to the east. Advance Northumberland in collaboration with the Port of Blyth is promoting the strategic assets of the site as a prime quayside location for the Energy Sector including manufacturing, operations, maintenance and logistics.

Advance Northumebrland has undertaken significant ‘de-risking’ works and has designed a programme of reclamation and remediation, including modifications to the ash barge dock. This work will double the width of the existing dock which will also be dredged to a greater depth in order to accommodate the size and type of vessels required to support the energy sector. These works will ensure the site is ready for private sector investment and future development. This will bring a substantial economic boost to Northumberland with significant job numbers created.



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